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What I learnt at Brighton SEO: Creativity and Community wins every time!

Maria Holbert

After only being in the wonderful world of SEO for a short time, I was delighted when I managed to obtain a free ticket to the Brighton SEO conference via a shout out on Twitter (big thanks to Matt @seoevents for that one)!

Amid all the free teas and coffees, and more than ample break times, I found the whole conference very beneficial and gathered a lot of valuable and insightful info from leading experts in the industry.

The conference also served to boost my confidence in my own SEO knowledge as during all the presentations at the conference... I actually knew what they were on about!  As stated previously, I haven’t been in the business of SEO long, so the self-validation that things I have learnt at Fresh Egg have taken root somewhere in the deep, dark depths of my warped cerebrum made me very happy!


Dr Social Love a.k.a James Carson

I have to say my favourite speaker was James Carson, who delivered an excellent presentation entitled, ‘Dr Social Love: Or how I learnt to stop worrying about Google Algorithms and Love the People.’

As well as entwining the amazing Stanley Kubrick film into the title of his presentation (WIN!), James calmed a lot of my fears that technical nit-picking is not the be all and end all of SEO.  This has been an issue in the past that has had me awake until 3am in cold sweats, shaking and crying...ok, I exaggerate slightly (HA!) but it was a valid point that was raised by James.

Now that I have some expert endorsement to back me up, it’s an area I now feel I can push with my clients and colleagues more confidently.  Although I am aware it’s important to get your H2 headers and meta descriptions all hunky dory, I agree with James; having a good site in terms of look, usability and content along with building up happy loyal online communities is far more important in the long-run.

Of course, in conjunction with some crucial off-site link building, a harmonious balance must be struck between the creative and the technical when optimising a client’s site.


Image portraying Creativity Vs Technical in SEO

Creativity Vs Technical

James’s presentation stood out the most for me at Brighton SEO as it highlighted the fact that many SEOs can get too bogged down in technical issues, which are indeed important, but overall form part of a much bigger picture.

Obviously the ultimate goal for all SEOs is to get both the technical and creative aspects of a client’s site exactly right, to ensure the functionality and site aesthetics are perfect, hence giving it every chance of being number one in Google for its key search terms.

So in summary, I was ecstatic to hear an expert in the industry finally stand up and confirm creativity is just as important as all that technical stuff when it comes to our clients’ sites....a big thank you to James Carson!


Social is full of ‘Mad Men’...

I also enjoyed Roger Warner’s presentation entitled, ‘What can social learn from Mad Men?’

As well as pointing out some valuable insights on how social and advertising can work rather handsomely together, he also made me want to drink lots of whisky and watch the amazing show, Mad Men!  Roger also spoke of a new drinking game he and Kelvin played while watching Mad Men.  It basically involved drinking every time a character had a drink (and for those of you who haven’t seen Mad Men, they drink A LOT!), and then at the end, figuring out what the episode was all about...GENIUS!  So thanks to Roger, who not only helped with my understanding of social and advertising but has also now helped sort out my Friday nights for the next few weeks!


Roll on next year's Brighton SEO!

Overall this year’s Brighton SEO conference was highly enjoyable and it really emphasised the need for great copy that is engaging, interesting and not just churned out for link purposes!

It was also really nice to mingle with other SEOs, social media specialists, web designers and agencies....some of which alarmingly recognised me from my profile picture on Twitter (ahhhh!) Note to self: upload a better picture...

I would highly recommend Brighton SEO next year for anyone who is trying to break into the big bad world of internet advertising, or conversely for all you experts out there who want to know the current trends and ‘who’s who’ in the industry.


Maria Holburt

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