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Another New Recruit


Dan Cash has joined the ever growing Fresh Egg SEO copywriting team following a six week internship.   After giving up on financial research and returning from a brief stint in Stockholm (we didn’t ask!), Dan decided that, rather than get a real job, he’d go to university!  This seems to be a surprisingly common trait amongst copywriters!

He graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in English Language and Digital Communication and did some stints as a freelance journalist and a press officer for an environmental charity before the lure of writing words for SEO purposes proved irresistible.

When Dan isn’t producing optimised content both on and off-site at Fresh Egg towers, he’s either helping organise events for a free social networking site or thinking about getting on with writing his novel.

Citizens of Brighton or Worthing may see him riding around town on his BMX, although he cautions onlookers to resist the natural temptation to stand in his way and greet him - the brakes aren’t so good.

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