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New Fresh Egg Solution Offers Integrated Conversion Tracking

Allan Bisset


If you’re in business online, whether it’s a transactional e-commerce site or a ‘brochure style’ website generating telephone contact, how do you know that your leads are converting?

For any web business to be successful, you must have a clear understanding of visitor behaviour.  How they enter and leave the site and how long they spend there.  It’s useful too to have an indication of which parts of the site visitors are dropping out from (e.g. a form that is too lengthy) and how those could be improved.   Finding out whether visitors are actually buying from the site is vital information that helps you determine how to allocate your marketing budget for the maximum effect.

Whatever online sales model you adopt, you still need to know the answers to these questions.  Packages such as Google Analytics can track visitors from online referrers, including search engines, pay-per-click networks, email marketing and other digital marketing collateral, but until now there was no way to integrate the most common method your potential customers use to contact you –  a telephone call.

Equally, if you’re an Internet marketing company or SEO provider using analytics packages then you know your client is getting sales calls.  The frustrating reality has been that you can’t prove that those calls are due to the PPC or organic SEO work you are doing for them.

That’s all changed with the introduction of CallTrackID: a new application developed by Fresh Egg that enables call tracking from your website fully integrated with Google Analytics.  Now you can track email enquiries, e-commerce sales and telephone calls, accurately identifying the referrer source for those telephone calls and relating them back to the online marketing activity.

CallTrackID gives transparent integration of telephone call, email and e-commerce data within Google Analytics

You decide which traffic avenues you want to track: e.g. Direct Hits, PPC, Organic or any other.  Depending on the visitor’s route to site, they are shown different contact telephone numbers.   When the number is called, it goes through a call management system that matches the call number with the predefined route so you can accurately identify the referrer source for those calls.  All calls are routed to your main ‘phone line, so you don’t need to change established sales procedures.

CallTrackID can be implemented from as little as £25.00 per month (delivers five dedicated numbers) and Fresh Egg will give the first 20 CallTrackID customers FREE set up.

So get Cracking with your Tracking!

Contact Adam Stafford, Nikki Rae or Dan Wotton on 01903 24 77 88

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