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Review of the SEOmoz Advanced SEO Training Series DVDs – overview

Jaamit Durrani

Back in August last year, leading search engine optimisation blog and education site SEOmoz ran an Advanced SEO Training Seminar for its Pro members in Seattle, with sessions given by not only the likes of Rand Fishkin and Rebecca Kelley from the Moz but such search luminaries as Danny Sullivan, Stephan Spencer and the UK's very own SEO whizzkid Will Critchlow.  Despite being a Pro member myself at the time (thanks to some cunning arm twisting of my previous employer), the chances of me being jetted over to the US for this event all expenses paid were about as likely as Matt Cutts emailing me a PDF of the exact Google Algorithm as long as I promised to keep it under my hat.  So I had to sit tight and hope some gems of wisdom from the seminar would filter out in due course.  Well, that didn't work out either, as attendees were asked not to blog about the event (frivolous coverage was allowed though).

SEOmoz Advanced SEO Training Series DVDs

Half a year on though, SEOmoz released a DVD series with exclusive coverage of the whole shebang - and we at Fresh Egg eagerly got our hands on a copy and I have of course managed to wangle myself to the front of the queue to watch them.  Across the 4 discs the topics covered are such an extensive sweep of the broad range covered in modern day SEO techniques - from onsite architecture to link building, social media and beyond - that we thought it would be great to do a series of reviews on the Fresh Egg blog. And, with the permission of the kind folks at the MozPlex, that's exactly what we're gonna do!

Over the coming weeks I'm going to do my best to give you a broad overview of the juicy stuff covered on these DVDs. Of course it won't of course go into the full detail of what you'd get from owning the DVD yourself, but hopefully it'll prove a useful resource and help people decide whether they want to splash out on it themselves.  As well as summarising I also intend to put in my two pennies worth of what me and some of my colleagues at Fresh Egg have experienced in doing hands on SEO for our clients. I'm also not just planning on regurgitating the info that's said in these videos - if there's something I disagree with, I'll call it out - as much respect as I obviously have for these guys, knowledge always develops through constructive debate and hopefully there will be some of that in the comments from some of these posts. I've only just started watching the DVDs and will be adding more posts to this series as I get through the modules - but from what I've seen so far it's been great and I can't wait to get further stuck in! I hope our readers will find this series valuable, please feel free to comment and tweet about any of the points raised in the subsequent posts.


Contents - SEOmoz Advanced SEO Training Modules

Below is the full list of modules covered in the DVDs - these will be changed into links to the review posts as they're written so you can go ahead and bookmark this page as a table of contents.

  1. Think Like a Search Engineer

An introduction by Rand Fishkin looking at how search engines operate and what SEO pros should learn from this. (this one will be published in the next few days, watch this space!)

  1. Elite Site Architecture
  2. White Hat Cloaking
  3. Spam Detection
  4. Legal Issues
  5. Site Reviews
  6. Global Search
  7. Sitemaps & Webmaster Tools
  8. Crawlability
  9. Reputation Management
  10. Social Networks
  11. Buying Links
  12. Enterprise Link Building
  13. Vertical Search
  14. The Future of Search
  15. Expert Q&A

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