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Web Design for the Curls!


Another Fresh Egg designed website has just been launched!  Curlformers ® are a very modern twist on the traditional hair roller and can be used to create gorgeous, glossy curls without subjecting hair to harsh heat and damage associated with using styling irons.  They can be used at home or by professional salons.

Web design for Curlformers reflected the fun nature of the product.

Fresh Egg completed website  design for the project in record time as ideally the site had to be live for the Christmas gift market and is now embarking on an aggressive SEO campaign to ensure the site enjoys good positioning in Google SERPs.    Web design incorporated a lively, colourful and fun feel that reflects the nature and character of the product.  Content is equally lively and multi-media with detailed product descriptions, full instructions and FAQs on the product range and a selection of demonstration videos in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese.

Since their original launch in the USA, interest in and demand for Curlformers® has been quite incredible, with fans uploading their videos to YouTube to show styles and curls they have been able to achieve.

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