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Booshaka - the social search engine

John's recent post about Google vs Facebook and the differences in the two systems was spot on.

Google is where I find products; Facebook is where I get abuse (and a lot of it from my mates) - end of. At this time, my stance has not changed when playing with 'Booshaka', the social search engine.

Social Search Example #1 - Wine Glasses

When performing a search from Wine Glasses, I am fed with nothing but noise about how people are going to get drunk and how many glasses of wine it will take to do it. What has this got to do with wine glasses? This is the subject that I wanted to know about.

Social Search Example #2 - iPad

What a waste of time even looking at this term. The majority of noise was about how people were thinking about getting an iPad in the next coming days or from people who could not work the iPad. Thanks socialweb, not one bean of credible information (at the time of performing the search).

Social Search Example #3 - Fish Tank

Real-time results for 'fish tanks' include: "fish tank is leaking.........super", "ian hast hired out his fish tank to sky tv so they can make more episodes of the deadliest catch in unhappy aqarium", this is not to mention a really terrible joke that someone had posted.

Booshaka Conclusions

I cannot say that I am going to be jumping ship to a pure social search engine in the near future. Perhaps when I have some spare time and feel like delving into the lives of people that I have no connection with than I might pump a few search terms in.

Am I simply missing the point?

In all seriousness I cannot see George McDougal from Townchester influencing my decision to purchase a product from his personal rants . Booshaka is simply passing the latest information being shared on Facebook; and that is the problem. For someone who is researching a product, service or company there is simply too much noise to cut through with the Booshaka offering at this time.

I'm all for innovation, but there is no apparently relevancy filter with the results in Booshaka. Now Yandex is a real breath of fresh air to the search world, but that is for another day. Suffice to say I won't be calling on the Booshaka again in the very near future.

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