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Does a Unique Selling Point help with SEO?

I was asking myself the question does a USP help with SEO? The answer that I concluded was yes. In life we all have to differentiate ourselves, whether social or in business each of us as individuals has a unique selling point, as does the companies we are employed by the people we socialise with etc.

So taking this a stage further, why do online businesses not make more of their USP's? If a company has a prolific sales message, it should be broadcast from any possible vantage in order to gain an advantage.

Take Travel Insurance Direct, there is a dedicated team which is expert on all aspects of Travel Insurance. Is that their USP? To a degree, yes. That said, I feel the real USP for Travel Insurance Direct is their pricing. How do I know this? Well I travel and when I travel I when require Travel Insurance, so I shop around.

Travel Insurance Direct do feature price comparisons on their site, these price comparisons make it easy to check their prices against some of major UK High Street brands who have jumped on the Travel Insurance bandwagon. For example on the Travel Insurance site there are cost comparisons against Boots Travel Insurance, Sainsbury's Travel Insurance, Tesco Travel Insurance and Post Office Travel Insurance all of which they compare favourably against.

Of course the fore mentioned organisations use Travel Insurance as a bolt-on product, it is not their core market and thus the price, level of service and knowledge may also reflect this.

The trick is building the buzz and getting other site owners talking about the USP which any site has to offer. One might ask what is the USP that Fresh Egg has to offer? I could come back with a plethora of answers, our Intern scheme, our Work experience placement, our high visibility search engine results, our design team, our development team etc. OK, some might argue those USP's, but in building one's profile you have to set yourself up as having something different.

Moving back full-circle to Travel Insurance, how does any one Travel Insurance offering differentiate itself from another? Price in my mind is one factor, as is the policy cover, response times. If you offer consumers the right product at the right price without losing the bells and whistles you are going to have customer retention and fresh customers simply through word of mouth from those customers that trust your service.

Travel Insurance Direct have created some excellent destination guides which offer unique content to the users of the site, so not only does the site offer excellent value for money for travelers looking to purchase Travel Insurance, the site also offers a credible resource for travelers who are looking for specific destination information.

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