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SEO Advice from Microsoft, do link exchange!

Considering Microsoft cannot sort their search offering 'Live' out. I find it quite amusing they were offering advice to the search community especially when it goes against the guidelines of Google.

Link exchange is for many still a way of gaining links, given the technique is as old as Donny Osmond and flatter than John Sergeants dancing, you have to wonder if the senior execs at Microsoft actually know what is going in the real world of search.

So for anybody who is top of Google and who is looking to gain coverage in MSN (the real money spinner, not!), then get yourself a reciprocal link campaign in place. As you watch your Live rankings go through the roof, watch your Google rankings go down faster than shares in HBOS.

Is it any wonder that limited numbers use online product offerings from Microsoft when one of their bloggers is championing techniques which could lead to problems with the world's biggest search engine.

Mixed message

I find it extremely amusing that Microsoft have such mixed messages coming out. One team is saying one thing and another team at Microsoft is saying another. The Live Search guidelines clearly state that link farms and the link could affect your rankings in Live in a negative way. Yet the Office Live Small Business blog does suggest owners can follow older techniques

Want my advice? Ignore the advice from Microsoft, period!

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