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The grief in getting a great link

It was troublesome Tuesday yesterday, I was left contemplating how to boost the awareness of a site in a sector that is littered with extensive link pages.

Here's the thing, I don't want to follow the sheep and get our client involved in the whole 'you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours' charade, nor was I going to spend a day of my life sending out duff emails.

The fact of the matter is these links pages where my clients competitors are gaining their power have no worth to visitors, they are there only for spammy link purposes. Not only that, I dont want to spend my day emailing people, begging them, pleading with them to give me a link. I don't entertain it with the stupid amount of emails I receive so why would others return the favour? If indeed it is a favour?

Nor am I going to buy any links, I never have done and I never will do.

So where do I go from here, do I blog? :)  Do I create a cracking story about the product range and submit via the large online PR sites? Do I have an article written and submit via somewhere like Ezine? Or shall I get other site owners talking about the site.

The latter is all well and good as long as there is something tangible to work with, thankfully on this occasion there is. The Antique Mirrors that our client restores and often replicates are simply stunning, so there is plenty of meat on the bones. The client has recently produced mirror replicas for Claridges in London, and has since had the go ahead to produce more - that's how good they are.

The fact is there is no way that I want to get involved with reciprocal linking, it's not quite a dead duck, but it's lost its waddle and feathers through constant link abuse.

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