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Yahoo Advertising (Advertiser) Login = Google vs Yahoo War?

Musa Aykac

Looking over the Yahoo site today I decided to do a search for "Yahoo advertising login" on Google, what I would expect to see is the login page for the Yahoo sponsored section at number one. But it is nowhere to be seen. So I decided to search for "Yahoo Advertiser Login", yet again nothing there except for a link to the sign up page.  So I visit the sign up page but there is nothing that shows where to infact login. Talk about usability issues, so I came to the conclusion that Yahoo do not have a clue about SEO. Fair enough conclusion as they cant even optimise their own login page.

But I thought to myself there has to be more to this, so I delve a little deeper. This time I try typing in Google, "Google Advertising login", just as I expected the adwords page comes up. So I hurry over to Yahoo and type in the same thing "Google Advertising login" Huh!! No link to

So are these two giant search engines tweaking the algo against their competitors? Or is it just something innocent that I have missed out and have to spend more time looking into? Let me know your thoughts!

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