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A New SEO Engineer

Allan Bisset

Welcome aboard (Dvözlik hajón, Witamy pokladach or Welkom aan boord) to a new SEO Engineer: Modestos Siotos - Moddie to his mates!

Modestos Siotos - our latest SEO enthusiast

After completing his BSc in Informatics in Athens in 2000, Moddie did three traineeships in Hungary, Poland and Amsterdam which directed him towards web design and web development as well as a smattering of those three languages!  Naturally, he is fluent in Greek and has excellent Spanish and Portuguese to boot.  Modestos moved to Brighton in 2002 to study for an MSc in Software Engineering and that’s where he had the chance to combine his studies with working part-time for a few small web design agencies that infest the seaside resort.

His first encounter with the fascinating world of SEO was in 2007 when he was asked to increase the traffic to an artist's web site selling Fine Art prints and that gave him a taste for the finer points of Search Engine Optimisation.  He cheerfully states that he finds SEO “amazingly challenging and rewarding” although sometimes it can be frustrating, especially when some of his freelance clients demanded results within days!

Shifting 100% into SEO does not mean that Moddie has left his web development days entirely behind him.  He maintains that any good SEO engineer should try to follow developments in web design, particularly those in what he admits to be his biggest addiction - WordPress!  Moddie is hoping to manage to cycle from Brighton to Worthing at some point when the spring finally arrives, so he’ll likely still be getting the train for a few months yet then!

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