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SEO Work experience, finding hidden gems

We have had our fair share of wannabe web monkeys at Fresh Egg for work experience; in fairness those who have graced the keyboards at Fresh Egg have usually always been of a good quality.

The SEO Team have had a young lad by the name of Lawrence from St Andrews School in Worthing working with us for the last week to gain some quality time in the real world.

Unless you are supremely confident, It is always going daunting for some school children to enter such a busy working environment. For one the sanctuary of school goes out of the window and the banter takes a step up, although it is fair to say a degree of schoolboy humour exists at Fresh Egg especially in the SEO team.

If you believe everything you read in the papers then everyone who attends school is either bullied, takes drugs or carries a knife. Thankfully, that is simply not the case.

It is especially not the case with young Lawrence. Let me tell you Lawrence was an absolute delight to have working with us this past week. In fact, I'll be honest, the quality of Lawrence's work is far better than some 'professional' web designers whose work we get to see first hand when we are performing life-saving surgery on the butchered websites they have produced.

With Lawrence we had a 15 year old lad who was critiquing sites with the head of an experienced web developer. We see all the hype created for youngsters who dance under showers with Britain's Got Talent. Well let me tell you if there are more kids of Lawrence's ability about, then Britain really does have talent!

With one specific project we actually discussed whether it was right for a web developer to have charged his client given the very poor nature of his/her work. But then that is the web industry, unfortunately it is littered with modern day John Wayne's. So how refreshing it is that someone has young as Lawrence can pick holes in a 'professionals' work.

It's not all donkey work

Let me say that when someone comes to Fresh Egg for work experience, that is exactly what they do, work.

The skill level of an individual will dictate the level of work they can become involved with. In all fairness someone coming in for just a week is going to be given more mundane jobs, but we all have to start somewhere.

Over the years I have seen a number of very talented school children come through the door at Fresh Egg for some work experience. Daniel who came to us for work experience in 2007 from Worthing High School ended up staying all throughout the summer and then came back after he had completed his exams and worked all of this summer working with us again!

The rest of the team will testify that Daniel was a great addition; he was quick to learn and he produced some sterling work. The simple fact is there are some bloody talented kids out there who are chained to their computers teaching themselves the way of the web, how to code and how to create functional working websites. It's a pity there are so many people that have jumped on the web bandwagon who have not done the same.

Web application

By the middle of the week I received an email from Nikki (SEO Team) asking if Lawrence could create a web application for her. We put the idea to our rookie in our meeting room and do you know what? Young Lawrence was totally unphased by the task. Come Friday lunchtime the web application was completed, debugged and tested - simply outstanding!

What no caffeine?

The only thing I will say about the youngsters coming through is none of them seem to drink tea or coffee, now surely that cannot be right for the SEO's of tomorrow. Ammon and I are fed intravenous caffeine, so it just does not seem right that this new breed of web doctors are able to survive on water alone.

A true hidden gem

Sometimes with work experience we do see some rough diamonds, on this occasion though it is without doubt we really did find a hidden gem. Lawrence is going to be one hell of a coder in years to come. I have no doubt young Lawrence will forge a very successful career for himself. He won a lot of plaudits in the office and we sincerely wish him all the best for the future and would welcome him back at any time. Quite simply Lawrence was a credit to his school, his parents and most importantly himself.

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