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Sitecore partners with Fresh Egg


managing director

I’m pleased to announce that Fresh Egg has partnered with the award-winning international web content management (CMS) software providers, Sitecore.

We wanted to be able to offer our clients even greater flexibility when creating bespoke websites and the partnership with Sitecore means we are now able to do that.  Sitecore’s highly scalable and secure applications for multiple inter-related websites, based on the Microsoft .Net platform, offer a broad range of features. This is combined with strong development architecture which, crucially, allows for additional development.

The scope for additional development is an important factor as it allows Fresh Egg to manipulate the site to cater for very specific Search Engine Optimisation techniques; this was an important consideration in choosing a strategic partner for our clients’ CMS requirements.

In recent times, the task of editing website content would fall to specific people within a company. This is starting to change as almost anyone in a business now needs to be able to change the content for their specific sector, whether it’s marketing, finance or customer relations. That’s why it’s so important for users to be able to make changes to a website quickly and simply and to be able to measure and manage that ongoing website success with ease. This application gives our customers greater control of their content management systems with a broader range of features, meaning we can create a website which is more bespoke that ever before.

Sitecore, headquartered in Denmark, has won many awards for its multifaceted applications, with Gartner, the world leader in fact-based IT consulting services, naming Sitecore ‘Cool Vendor in Content Management, 2008’ for innovation and impact.

Thousands of public and private organisations, national governments and Fortune 500 companies utilise Sitecore solutions for their websites, including Microsoft, Siemens, Experian and Manchester United.

With a project for the PPA (Periodical Publishers Association) already underway, we’re looking forward to creating even more flexible and innovative solutions for our clients.

Nick Hodder, Head of Digital, PPA commented “Utilising Sitecore allows us to create unique sites, with specific content, text and image size for devices such as the iPhone, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, as well as the PC. With an average of 20 URLs active at any one time we are also able to give each domain its own look and feel while keeping with the design of the site as a whole. Putting the content into the hands of the users gives us greater control and saves precious time and resources.”

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