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Lionsgate With Genius Social Media Campaign


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Just a short one from me today posting something that I am sure a lot of you that are on the ball have actually seen already.

Lionsgate have recently been using the infamous Chatroulette to promote their upcoming movie The Last Exorcism and I came across this yesterday when doing my rounds of the net.

It is obvious that Lionsgate are just having a bit of fun with this and goodness knows how many people they have scared with this hilarious prank. Without spoiling too much before you see the video, it was mostly messing about with the guys that use Chatroulette as they thought they were going to get the biggest treat you can get over the system, a girl taking her top off. Unfortunately for them and even better for us, they didn’t exactly get what they were looking for.

Without further ado, these are some of the funniest reactions captured…

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