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The Social Media Revolution

John Pring

We're big fans of social media here at Fresh Egg, and recently I found an updated version of an incredible video from the guys at Socialnomics which I thought I'd share with you

Some really interesting points raised here, particularly in the content of how we use Google and Facebook and how these conventions are beginning to shift (see my earlier post '

Interestingly, this information (taken from Google AdWords) doesn't include Google. Why would the search engine giant exclude itself from its' own statistics? Perhaps it's because they don't rank no.1 anymore.... In the video they suggest that Facebook is a bigger site (more visited) than Google in the USA; I  would update this slightly by stating it's now the most visited site in the World, as this graphic suggests:


Information taken from the Netcraft toolbar.

This just serves to prove how important social media is and how intertwined it has become with modern youth culture. Social media is not a fad and should be embraced as part of any companies online strategy. Get in touch with us to discuss our in-depth social media campaigns and find out how we can improve your level of visibility.

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