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Think Visibility – Social Media for SEO

Saurav Rimal

Presented by Lisa Myers

Social media is not just facebook and twitter, its more than that, those are just social media tools.

How can we drive traffic and links to the site?

  • Article marketing
  • Link baiting
  • Social aspects – not so secret sources

How to generate ideas?

  • Put yourself in your audiences shoes
  • Try to think like how they do

Link baiting

Any piece of unique content that will generate links and traffic is called link baiting. This is great but how do other people know about your work? This is when social media comes in handy to market your ideas around the World or your target audience.

Make sure when you do a link bait idea it is on the main website and not third party website. The whole point of link baiting is to generate links to the site, and if your idea is in the 3rd party site then how is that helping your main site?

Finding target audience – requires research but there are people on every industry you can target.


The ideas do not always have to be outstanding it can be something simple but relevant.


  • This can help you increase traffic.
  • Significant visibility and reach through referring traffic.
  • Gain links on to the site.
  • Great offers for pregnant ladies (just kidding Lisa)
  • Conversions

Integrating the social channels

Integrate all the social channels around your landing page. This is when your social media tools can help you generate the advantages I have mentioned above.

Article marketing

When you do article marketing do less but effectively. Do your research and list the sites, you want to write the articles for. Build relationship with them. But there is always a question why would they link to you? So be prepared to give them something in return, which you are already doing by writing unique content for them.


  • Ideas and creativity – that can help you improve your conversion.
  • Relevancy of content around links increased has become a big factor.
  • Identify your target audience before doing any link baits.

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