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The Fresh Egg Internship: Is It Worth It?

Hey everyone, Rebecca here to pontificate on my experience with the Fresh Egg team. Hopefully I can add "Honorary Fresh Egger" to my short (but growing) list of SEO accomplishments, because after working with the company for two weeks, I've gotten used to the office banter, weird British vocabulary, loads of tea, and Adam's high-pitched singing.

I'm planning on writing a more in-depth article for SEOmoz when I return, but Ammon asked me to contribute a brief write up of my thoughts on the whole experience. I was Intern Numero Uno, and like any newly-launched program, there were some initial speedbumps (e.g. not having a desk at first, needing various programs installed on my computer, needing logins). Being the guinea pig wasn't so bad, though, because I know that Fresh Egg learned as much about my internship as I did, and they can take what they learned and use the knowledge to make the program even stronger than it already is.

You're probably dying to know if I thought the internship experience was worthwhile. Well, if you're debating on whether or not you should apply for the SEO internship, I would recommend that you should go ahead and try it out. I learned a lot during my two weeks with the company, and not just about SEO (though I did do a variety of SEO tasks). I also learned a lot about the business side of SEO and about client relations, which are equally important facets of Internet marketing.

The neat thing about this internship is that Ammon and Lee aren't following a set list of what they'll teach you. They'll adapt the program according to each intern's existing level of skill and knowledge. If you're a beginner, they'll start at the beginning. If you're like me and already have a bit of an SEO background, they'll focus more on what you aren't familiar with or on whatever skills you want to improve.

This experience was very valuable for me because it gave me an opportunity to learn SEO from someone other than Rand. Rand is a fantastic teacher and has taught me all I know about SEO, so to learn under a different perspective was fascinating in that it sometimes forced me to approach tasks differently than what I'm used to, and it also gave me a stronger understanding of why Rand does things a certain way.

Anyway, while I'm really looking forward to flying back to Seattle (my goals upon arriving are to eat a ginormous cheeseburger, do a crapload of laundry, and watch three weeks' worth of recorded TV on my DVR) and once again working with SEOmoz, I am really grateful and happy that I was given the opportunity to participate in this internship. If, like me, you feel that there is so much to learn about SEO and that you're a tiny fish in a big pond, this experience will give you confidence in your ability to learn new things. If you're ambitious, brave, and eager to learn, then get your ass on a flight to Worthing and give it a go. At the very worst, at least you'll get a free cup of tea or two. :)

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