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The Weakest Link?

Allan Bisset

Another so near and yet so far for Fresh Egg – but what the heck! It was all for a good cause! Despite deploying our two big guns of SEO in Lee and Ammon, we were joint runners up in the inaugural SEOPubQuiz held 18th December at Brighton’s Royal Sovereign Pub. Actually, it was more of a new media quiz as there were questions on SEO, Social Networking, Social Networks, Web 2.0, Paid Search and pretty well every other area of the Internet. We could have won if only we’d got the precise title of that John Lennon Xmas hit spot on!

Anyhow, it was a good night and thanks to Leapfrogg for organising (shame their two teams came last) and there were a number of no shows – Nixon McInnes and Cutthemustard - which meant we were competing in field consisting of Juretic Media (the winners by a neck), Oban Multilingual and Leapfrogg of course. The whole thing was ably hosted by the lovely Cathy Ma,Community Manager at Yahoo! Europe.

Great idea, good cause and a great night! We should all do it again!

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