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Time to do the Christmas Shopping

I'm all for sharing news of bargains, but I am not sure about this one, after all, it is not every day that you can receive a 20% Discount off of all Missoni products!

Yes, rejoice, now is the time to do the Christmas Shopping and get it over and done with in one fell swoop.

So how can you receive the 20% Discount? Read on...........

Well as you have been so patient, let me tell you at what site you can find this fantastic offer.

OK, i'll let you in the secrect, it's For those of you that don't know, Amara hosts some exquisite gifts and beautiful accessories for the home.

Don't get me wrong, the price of Missoni Home products is not for the fainthearted. Forget the expense for a minute, Missoni products exude class, the range of products on offer are something else.

The Missoni Home Collection challenges preconceptions of fabric or product design. It's innovation makes for a mixture of contrast, formed from a combination of materials, their colours and texture. Multi-optical effects are created by the overlaying of fabrics to form a layered rainbow of vibrant effects. Refreshing new takes on the strip and zigzag can be found on bed linen, towels, table linens, fabrics and rugs and the renound Missoni graphic is creatively disguised within bands printed on multicolour or black and white.

So enter the world of Missoni at Amara and enjoy your 20% Discount, courtesy of Fresh Egg!

Enter ama002 at the checkout, and you shoppers can take advantage of this fabulous offer for one of the most sought after brands on the market, enjoy!

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