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What are #UXPeople really like? - Part 3

Nikki Rae


Having enjoyed lunch sitting in the grand Kings Place offices , where the event was hosted (kindly sponsored by Zebra People), it was time for the workshops to begin.  I chose to attend Jason Buck's 'Story telling - communicating the project' and Jason Mesut's, ' Wicked Workshops'.

True to form, Jason B's workshop was fun and mentally fulfilling.  We are told of the worlds shortest story that had to contain an element of surprise, religion and suspense...

"Oh my God - I'm pregnant! - Who's the father?"

...and stories of beer-filled steins being swilled by little piggies with blue trousers and 'pink' T-shirts?

and how over time, these stories become adapted and embellished in their iterative communications which led on nicely to how stories have been scribed and stored through history using varying techniques and technologies to preserve them.  Even if you can't read, they are stored as stain-glassed windows, or jokes by comedians etc.

stainHe explained that great stories are immersive and 'bring things to life' and gave us an exercise as a group to come up with a tabloid headline for a 'factual' paragraph we were given.  Here's our paragraph...

jbb5...and our headline was,

"Blushing Lovely Denies Choosing Wisely!", which we thought was great!

I won't tell too much more on Jason B's workshop as don't want to ruin the gags for him. Instead here are a couple of pics of our activities:




Jason B's take away point was to make sure that you communicate effectively with your clients. Make sure that your story has a beginning, middle and and end and that it is useful and engaging.  Be aware that as projects get passed between varying stakeholders, the 'story' maybe adapted or embellished and prepare for such eventualities but keeping it simple. Thanks @jasonBuck !!

The last event of the day for me was the Wicked Workshop taken by Jason Mesut which is one that I had been particularly looking forward to because of the project management techniques we were going to see in action.

jmb1Jason M gave us some great tips and showed us how to perform Six Thinking Hats....

jmb2and paired comparison analysis.... well as...

Dot sticking,

Sunset Reviews and many more...

The feedback I gave Jason M was to make his workshop as an all day/two day activity where we could role play as if we had a real client project as there was so much to pack into a 2 hour session!

So, what are @uxpeople really like?

- Passionate

- Professional

- Bright

- Innovative

and most of all, lots of fun ( and I cut off at this point as not going to blog about after event drinking session and curry!!!!).

Thank You!!

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