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If You Wanna Be A Record Breaker, Just Ask Danny Chadburn!

David Showell

Born in Wales and brought up in Surrey, much-travelled Danny Chadburn has chosen to settle down at last here at Fresh Egg. Whatever else he brings to his new role as our Senior Content Strategist, Danny certainly knows when to choose his moment, as evidenced by his decision to propose to his now-wife while rafting in the Himalayas, where presumably she had little option but to say yes.

Here at Fresh Egg Towers, we like to cherry-pick the best in local talent, so when we discovered Danny had appeared on Record Breakers in 1987 (holding a section of the world’s longest paper-chain, no less) we knew he was the right man for the job. Perhaps hinting at a certain celebrity-wannabe facet of his personality, he also appeared as an extra in the movie Gladiator.

A promising footballer who attended Swindon Town’s Centre of Excellence when Glenn Hoddle was the club’s manager, his sporting credentials have since been enhanced by his impressive completion of the 2011 Brighton Marathon. And as if this wasn’t enough, he’s also a second cousin to snooker legend Stephen Hendry. Any member of staff who is tempted to give Danny a match on the Fresh Egg pool table should perhaps play for fun and certainly not for money!

During his school days, Danny also played bass for a band called Bonafide Buddha. Having tested the waters with what he describes as ‘unrecognisable’ grunge covers, the band shifted their focus into the world of hip-hop. Intriguingly, he has admitted a video of their efforts still exists to this day. At this point we would like to remind Danny that there are plenty of video screens at Fresh Egg Towers, so if he feels the need to provide staff with an alternative to MTV…

Danny has extensive experience in content strategy, particularly in the online recruitment industry. He’s looking forward to using his knowledge to augment the SEO service that we currently offer to clients. Welcome to Fresh Egg, you record-breaking, bass-playing, marathon-running Gladiator!


Danny’s Desert Island Survival Pack:

Film:    Full Metal Jacket

Song:   Weird (Menomena)

Book:   The Ball Is Round: A Global History of Football (David Goldblatt)

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