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Adobe simplifies web design with Muse

Gez Hebburn

Adobe iconAdobe has released a beta version of new web design software that allows users to create professional-looking websites without coding.

Of course there have been many programs that claim to offer this benefit to the user, but most fall into two camps; they are either either limited to flimsy options and pre-defined, unexciting templates, or at the other end of the scale considered overly technical and demanding for the average layperson. Could Muse finally bridge this gap?

Designed for those with little in the way of HTML knowledge, the new tool is codenamed Muse and looks similar to InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Once you fire it up, you're met with a blank page that you can easily fill with images, text, links and plenty of the other features which make a modern webpage tick.

Muse has master pages, sitemaps and the usual Adobe design palette to help users build impressive websites. Slideshows, image overlays, anchors, mouseover features and auto-generated navigation are among the interactivity options that webmasters can get their teeth into.

Adobe's latest software offering helps users get their websites published. It offers automatic compatibility for a host of web browsers, a trial website for testing and Adobe web hosting. Muse also lets users export to HTML if they want to upload their website the old-fashioned way to an existing host.

Showing off the design capabilities of its new program, Adobe has showcased a number of websites made with Muse that look pretty smooth.

Muse is targeted at graphic designers who fancy a crack at making their own websites without learning code, while Adobe's Dreamweaver software should continue to appeal to those who want to flex their HTML muscles.

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