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Happy Birthday!


managing director

It was Fresh Eggs' 9th Birthday on Friday, I can't believe how quick it has gone! Being nine years old in this industry is an achievement in its self - we are no longer the new kids on the block...! In fact, as far as SEO and website design companies go - we are now one of the grandparents :)

I started this business with my sister (Pip) and my mate Lee (both still company Directors) when I was 23. Nine years on I have enjoyed every minute (although my hair is rapidly receding).

So what does it all mean? It's great to look back at what we have done; who we have worked with, who's worked for us, what we have learnt, what we have been able to accomplish for our clients. We are a successful company with a lot to shout about and I am really excited about what the next 9 years will bring us.

I am really proud to be part of such a great business and I am lucky to work with other people involved with Fresh Egg; we have great staff and an exciting time ahead of us working with James Caan and his team.

All the staff celebrated on Friday by going to RED Anywhere for a cook off! We split up into 3 teams and competed in a 'Hells Kitchen' style event. It was a fantastic day and it gave us all a chance to catch up (Allan will be writing a proper blog post shortly)... Thanks to RED Anywhere for a great day - I would recommend them if your were looking for a unique idea 'corporate team building' day.

To finish off, I just wanted to write this to wish everyone at Fresh Egg a happy 9th Birthday. Thanks to all of you who work here and thanks to all our loyal customers.

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