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Web Design Youngsters Hit Heights with Search and Save!

John Pring

Search And Save

Another Fresh Egg designed and developed website has been launched.  Search & Save is a web resource intended to help you cut the cost of running your home or business.  It's not just a straight cost comparison site, but rather tries to give a complete picture of what represents the best overall value for money, taking into account other issues like service and reliability as well as price.    We're especially pleased with the end product as web design  and web development was handled by two of our youngest hatchlings:  Ed Vinicombe and Dan Elis (AKA Scrooby Dan) *pictured below.

Ed and Dan from Fresh Egg working on the Search and Save website

The Search and Save site brilliantly demonstrates how talented even the youngest team members are here at Fresh Egg, and how far they’ve come in a short space of time.

Site design and navigation is intended to allow visitors to quickly get to the information relevant to their needs in as few clicks as possible. Once they've decided they want to switch to the suggested alternative supplier, they simply click on a link to be taken to that  provider's sign up web page.  The feel of the site is friendly and approachable, with simple and self evident categorisation and easy navigation that generates a persona for the service and company - something quite rare in financial resources.

After being extremely impressed with our design team, Search and Save appear excited at the prospect of working with our SEO department, with their MD stating that:  “Fresh Egg have a proven ability in delivering traffic across the major Search Engines, we look forward to seeing improved results in the near future.”

Be sure to check out the Search and Save website for up to date information on cheaper gas and electric bills , saving money on life insurance, broadband, company car insurance, home insurance and a whole lot more.  And it's completely FREE!

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to web design, digital marketing or search engine optimisation, contact Fresh Egg!

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