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Top 5 Jquery Plugins

Ed Vinicombe

Here is a list of top Jquery plugins that we, the Freshegg designers are finding rather awesome at the moment..

#1 jQuery Cycle

Cycle is by far one of the most simple but useful Jquery plugins available. It is cross browser compatible  and is dead easy to install and get running on your site, the plugin itself is so adaptable the possibilities are endless.

Here is an example from one of our recent projects..


#2 jQuery AD Gallery

There are a lot of image galleries out there but one that we prefer to use is one called jQuery AD Gallery. It is stylish, smooth, compatible and works brilliantly when Javascript has been disabled on a browser.

One example for you!


#3 jQuery Parallax

This is by far one of the coolest plugins I have seen and one that we would love to experiment with! Essentially, the Jquery Parallax plugin enables you to layer transparent PNG's on top of eachother and animate them one by one. There are many sites out there that are using this plugin really well, here are a couple of my personal favs..



#4 JQ Zoom

This plugin is exceptionally useful for getting a quick and smooth close up on a product. We put this plugin to great effect on a recent design project..Check it out!


#5 jQuery BGPOS

This is a really simple Jquery plugin but effective. If you want to spice up your site just that extra bit then making your buttons and links fade in using Jquery is an excellent solution. This plugin is easy to install and can do wonders for your site!

Check back on the blog soon for more!

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