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The last week of May 2009

Nooooo, it can't be Friday already?

The Bank Holiday weekend came and went (too quickly) and yes I was actually able to get a couple of bbq's going in the spring sunshine. Following on from last Friday's post, it seemed fitting to talk about the last week of May.

This week has flashed by, and whilst I always love an extra day off, the smaller week simply means you have to get as much done, but with a day less in which to do it!

SEO get-together

Every other Friday sees the Fresh Egg SEO team gather ranks for a catch-up on what's hot and what's not. This is the time we share our thoughts and knowledge as to what we are seeing with our various client sites. It is also a time when new initiatives are born.

Now the SEO team has it's own floor now at Fresh Egg we literally pitch-up in the centre of the office and are able to debate without annoying our developers and designers.

The passion and drive of the team comes to the fore in these get-togethers. It is a time where we can discuss the techniques we deploy on our personal sites. The work we do out of hours enables us to trial new techniques and report wins we are seeing. It is this intelligence that makes the Fresh Egg SEO team able to adapt to the ever changing world of search engine optimisation.

For example, one of our junior team members (Scrooby Dan) is applying his Fresh Egg teachings to propel his games review site to the higher reaches of Google.

Here we have an SEO of tomorrow learning to ply his skill in real-time whilst continuing his studies at college. The nice aspect for Scrooby is he is making a little extra pocket money through the affiliate marketing he has in place on his site whilst increasing his own personal knowledge base.

A right result

A great result was accrued in this last week; a site we took on in January that had no visibility on any KeyPhrases in Google.

In less than six months we have seen its primary KeyPhrase target move into the top 10 of Google along with a feast of other terms cruising into higher positions. When we inherited the site we found it to be in a real mess. The link equity was shot to bits, the internal link structure was weak and site content was being fed-in via iFrame; to be fair it was in a real mess!

Congratulations have to go out to Duncan for pulling this site from search engine obscurity and bringing a vastly improved level of natural visibility. Unfortunately, this is one of a number of sites that we have got on board where prior SEO attempts have completely killed the site from being attractive to search engines. Still all the time there is shoddy work out there, it is good to know the cream will rise to the top.

Overall, some of the link profiles we are seeing are woeful; there is still a massive degree of link buying happening which to be honest annoys the living daylights out of me. Any idiot can buy a link, but hey, if you want to simply throw money away leasing link equity then who I am to knock a winning  link procurement method? I just don't get the bought links methodology - it's cheating, plain and simple!

Keyword stuffing

I have also come across some awesome Keyword stuffing on a new project that we have taken over. What is really shocking is the agency we have inherited the site from claim to be SEO's and were happy with their offering to the client. It really is no wonder the top SEO agencies are becoming busier when there is so much dross out there.

Obviously,  I cannot disagree with their claim to use the term 'SEO', but if this is their major technique, then god help their clients.

It's never dull in SEO, and more often than not I, and others are in the office until silly hours, and the last week of May 2009 was really no different to any other, it was hectic, fulfilling and as a ever a great challenge.

I'm out and off for a fat juicy burger, I depart by wishing you all a happy time in the SERPS! (except keyword stuffers and link buyers -  you know who you are!)

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