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Welcome Back!

Allan Bisset

Not so much welcome aboard, but more a case of just couldn’t keep away!  We are delighted to welcome Ed Vinicombe back to the SEO team.  Many clients will know him and his excellent work!   Ed will be working within SEO again on a six months contract which will give him the opportunity to decide if his real calling is Web Design or SEO.

Ed left earlier in the year and went travelling for three and half months with his girlfriend. Their first stopover was New York, then it was on to Las Vegas and LA. The homeward leg of their travels took in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Nepal.

Ed on the beach at Kho Phi Phi, Thailand

Ed says his favourite places were  probably New Zealand and Thailand,  but India was by far the most ‘mental’ place he’s ever been!  His highlights of the grand tour included gambling in Las Vegas, a road trip on route 66 to Grand Canyon, seeing the Taj Mahal, riding on an elephant’s head, trekking in the Himalayas and the all-night raves in Thailand!

So why’d he think the real highlight was returning to Worthing and rejoining  the Fresh Egg team?   “The people are great to work with and I learned so much about SEO and the web.   I was never going to pass up the opportunity to come back and gain more professional experience at one of the most successful and nicest web companies in UK.”

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