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When a card isn't a card

Nice little tale to finish the week. Peter from our programming team is off at the moment doing the deed and getting married. As we're a nice bunch the wedding card was doing the rounds when it all of a sudden disappeared.

Problem was, not everyone had signed the card, and we needed to get it finished in order to give it to Peter before he left the office. Here's the thing, Peter had already got the half-signed card because an SEO team member did not realise the card was for Peter and quietly slipped it across to Peter to add his signature to the wedding card!

Peter took it upon himself to think that card was the finished article and snuck it into his bag.

It was only after investigation that we rumbled what had happened and a tactical team was sent in to retrieve the half-signed card.

I do wonder what Peter was thinking as he read the card and then put into his bag? If it were me it would have been along the lines of 'charming, only half the lazy toads could be bothered to sign the card, and then, they give it to me without an envelope!'

And the motto of the the story is - know who's greeting card you are signing before giving it to them to sign themselves - Simon!

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