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Allan Bisset

We’re delighted to announce that Ryan Ogilvie has joined the Fresh Egg Team as a Junior SEO Engineer on a full time basis.  We first came across Ryan when he was  a student at Worthing College.  The precocious young chap is something of a web prodigy although he was “officially” studying history, law and business at college.  On his own initiative, Ryan worked with us part-time for about a year and consistently did some excellent stuff.   On completeing his college studies, he decided that the attraction of full time employment with Fresh Egg was too good to pass up and we were very pleased to give him a permanent home.

Ryan Ogilvie

The energy and enthusiasm of youth means that Ryan, like any other 18 year old, has a bewildering variety of hobbies and interests including playing hockey for the school team.  What he definitely has in spades is a lively and enquiring intellect, broad general knowledge as well as curiosity and passion about almost anything web-related – all attributes of the perfect SEO engineer.   So watch this space!

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